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Tom Wolfe Carves Dragons

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Tom Wolfe Carves Dragons

With Tom's instructions and a little guidance, you will learn all the steps you need to carve an extraordinary dragon. Included are 42 pages of illustrated color photographs and 31 pages of black and white photos following. Tom Wolfe's usual method starts from a cutout and continues through to the finished painted project.

This book is for beginner carvers and challenges advanced carvers to improve their skills. You can use both power and traditional hand tools to get the effects that make the dragon seem extremely realistic. Carvers will find the techniques for using all these tools instructive and very helpful. There is a special section with a gallery of photographs and three different dragon patterns that can be carved using the same techniques. 

This is a fantastic book if you're ready to start carving these mythical Dragons. Use these illustrations and the knowledge of Tom Wolfe to create your very own dragon which is different than your normal carvings. Start with just a block of wood and turn it into a mystical creature you can be proud of. 

Tom Wolfe Carves Dragons Patterns

  • Dragon with horns and large claws.
  • Dragon with muscular body and Fangs.
  • Dragon With Wings with Claws
  • Wings with the Skeletal view.

Tom Wolfe Carves Dragons Book Specifications

  • Softcover.
  • 80 Pages.
  • Author: Tom Wolfe.
  • Text Written with Douglas Congdon-Martin.
  • Photographs were taken by Douglas Congdon-Martin.
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