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Tool Making Projects

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Tool Making Projects for Joinery and Woodworking 

Written with all skill levels in mind, this practical handbook presents detailed instructions for making 20 essential hand tools for joinery and general woodworking. All the tools can be made by the career crafts person or the weekend woodworker, with common workshop tools and techniques. Included are instructions for measuring and marking tools, cutting tools, holding tools, and striking tool. Everything needed to cut the frame and box joints that are at the heart of all furniture and interior woodworking. These tools are put to use as well, with lessons on cutting mortise-and-tenon frame joints and assembling dovetail joints for cases and drawers. A fine finished project can begin here, with fine handmade hand tools.

Tool Making Projects Chapters:

  • Single-Beam Cutting Gauge.
  • Dual-Beam Marking Gauge.
  • Mortising Gauge.
  • Marking Knife.
  • Dovetail Gauge.
  • Joinery Check Gauge.
  • Case-Squaring Stick.
  • Wooden Square.
  • Sliding Bevel Gauge.
  • Backsaw,
  • Bucksaw.
  • Bench Plane.
  • Shoulder Plane.
  • Saw Sharpening.
  • Cam Clamp.
  • Bench Hook.
  • Shooting Board.
  • Shaped Mallet.
  • Turned Mallet.
  • Slip-Handle Mallet.
  • Joint Basics.
  • Mortise and Tenon Joint.
  • Half-Lap Joint.
  • Twin Tenon.
  • Dovetail Joint.
  • Half-Blind Dovetail.
  • Tote Tool Box.

Tool Making Projects Specifications:

  • 184 Pages.
  • Soft Cover.
  • 8.5" x 11".


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