Wild West Scroll Saw Portraits

Fox Chapel Publishing
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Wild West Scroll Saw Portraits

Do you love the Wild West? Are you a scroll saw enthusiast ? You've stumbled upon the best darn collection of scroll saw patterns honoring the Wild West! Gary Browning, the author of the book Wild West Scroll Saw Portraits takes you through the basic cutting instructions throughout the 50 ready to use patterns. Gary goes over the wood selection for these scroll saw portraits, blade selection, pattern transfer, and display. This book has patterns for all the famous gunslingers and western-themed images you can round up! Not only are there portraits but there are scroll saw patterns for buck, steer, bison, bear, and even a howlin" coyote. 

Wild West Scroll Saw Portraits Include:

  • Animal Portraits.
  • Cowboy Portraits.
  • Native American Portraits. 
  • Gunslinger Portraits.
  • Western Images.
  • Western Borders.

Wild West Scroll Saw Portraits Specifications:

  • 80 Pages.
  • Soft Cover.
  • Author: Gary Browning.
  • 8.5" x 11".