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Wood Spirits and Green Men

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Wood Spirits and Green Men

by Lora S.Irish

This is a great resource book for the ultimate design of Wood Spirits and Green Men. Lora Irish takes the reader through carving these  mysterious Green Men with an examination of the history and evolution of these spirit symbols. This book contains tips, tricks, and techniques for drawing the human face, with illustrations for modifying and carving these classic figures.The eight page gallery, including 40 ready to use patterns, with sketches will  inspire you through the necessary steps to successfully create your own timeless icon. This is an excellent reference book for both chip and relief carving. There are step-by-step illustrated  projects on Green Men with  flat wood and a walking stick.  Included is a special section for wood , materials, and choice of  tools. Lora will lead you through the final steps you need to finish your project with homemade thin beeswax polish.  

Here are some of the interesting  Green Men patterns included in this amazing book:

  • Maple Wood Spirit.
  • Wind Spirit.
  • Old Man Winter.
  • Face of Glory.
  • Weeping Willow.
  • Celtic Knots.
  • Green Cat.
  • Holly Bough.
  • Spewing Green Man Fury.
  • Will of The Wisp.
  • Little Green Apples.
  • King of the Wood.
  •  Water Spout.

Wood Spirits and Green Men Book Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • 100 Pages.
  • Author, Lora S Irish.
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