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Wooden Banks You Can Make

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For the crafty and sneaky savers, these cleverly-disguised scroll saw and bandsaw banks have thieves scratching their heads. Taking some of the stress out of your savings, each bank has a plug that fits easily into the design – what better way to hide your hard-earned pennies?

For those wanting to get money out of the rooster bank, no need to think twice – just remove his wing! Need some change from the teapot? Just open up that lid!

Looking for a dollar in the rabbit bank? Pull his leg. And thanks to full color photographs and shop tested patterns, creating these banks is easier than ever. Plus, with tips on purchasing wood and working with tools, you'll be designing your own personalized banks in no time at all.

Before the 1950s, most people kept their coins in tins or glass jars. When Harvey Helm got a request from a group of high school industrial arts students asking for "something fun" to make, the idea to design banks came to fruition.

His first bank was the iconic piggy bank shown here and it was so successful it prompted Harvey to continue designing other banks. Today, he has over 50 banks in design - much to the delight of his grandchildren who cherish each unique prototype!

Wooden Banks You Can Make Specifications

  • This is a softcover book.
  • There are 88 pages .
  • The author is Harvey E. Helm
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