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Stubai Euro #8 Deep Gouge 10mm

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Stubai Euro #8 Deep Gouge 10mm

The Stubai Euro #8 Deep Gouge 10mm is very versatile and can create different cuts. There are three basic cuts you can make with this gouge. Concave cuts will cut a channel into the wood. Convex cuts will create a bead or button. Plunge cuts will drive the tool into the wood like a stop cut.

Stubai Euro #8 Deep Gouge 10mm is ideal for use with a mallet or two handed carving. They are perfect for relief, sculpting, signs, statues, and small and large projects.The Stubai wood carving gouge will give the carver the an option of subtle changes that makes all the difference in your wood carving projects.  

Each tool comes with the sweep stamped on it and the Stubai emblem. Look for Stubai quality.  

Stubai Euro #8 Deep Gouge 10mm Specifications:

  • #8 Deep Gouge.
  • 10mm (3/8") Wide.
  • Hand Sharpened Cutting Edge.
  • Blade fully polished.
  • Inside Sweeps are finely ground for easy sharpening.
  • Top Quality special alloy steel for high edge-holding ability.
  • Hand forged blade.
  • Internal steel ferrule prevents handle from splitting.
  • Octagon Beechwood Handle.
  • Honed.
  • Polished.
  • Total tool length is about 8".

Stubai Euro #8 Deep Gouge 10mm features hand sharpened cutting edges with inside sweeps that are finely ground for easy sharpening.  The special alloy steel has superb edge holding abilities that feature a special heat treatment and guarantees edge retention with a 58-60 HRC.  The Stubai carving tools are inspected at every stage of manufacturing for superior quality. All Stubai carving tools are handcrafted, ready to use and razor sharp straight from the package.

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