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3/16" Hex Brass Tube

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Do you love a good DIY project? Look no further than this versatile 3/316" hex tube made of shiny brass. Measuring at 12 inches long with a wall of 0.014", this tube is perfect for any number of projects.

Whether you need a reinforcement for a larger item or are looking to add some ornamental flair to your latest creation, this tube is the perfect solution. Its unique hex shape is sure to add an eye-catching element to any project. Hexagonal tubing is the perfect marriage of function and form.

Regardless of your level of woodworking experience, this tubing is easy to cut with a grinder, hack saw, or even a bandsaw. Its six-sided design adds a unique touch to any project or application, from decorative accents to musical instruments. It also offers added gripping power when used as handles.

And with its strong brass construction, you can count on this tubing to withstand the test of time. In short, hexagonal brass tubing is a must-have for anyone looking to make a statement with their brass tubing.

So why wait? Grab your tools and get started on your next masterpiece with this high-quality brass hex tube.

3/16" Hex Tube Specifications

  • This is a hexagon shaped brass tube.
  • The outside diameter is 3/16 inches with a 0.014 inch wall.
  • This brass tube is 12 inches long.


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