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9/16" Round Brass Tube

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Looking for the perfect cylindrical shape for your next DIY project? Look no further than this 9/16" round brass tube! With a sleek design and sturdy construction, this tube is the ideal choice when it comes to crafting precision pieces.

Brass tube is the answer to your carving dreams. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, carving unique shapes has never been easier with this versatile and essential material. The round brass tubing is a joy to work with, as it can easily be cut using a grinder, hack saw, or bandsaw.

One of the most exciting features of brass tube is the ability to telescope into the next larger size. This means that you have the freedom to create an endless array of items, such as delicate flowers, sturdy stems, wispy cat tails, hearty corn stalks, and much more. So whether you are pursuing a new hobby or looking to expand your creative horizons, brass tube is the perfect resource to fuel your carving passion.

At 12" long and featuring a 0.014" wall, this tube provides ample crafting material that will effortlessly fit in with any design. Whether you're a seasoned craftsperson or a newcomer to the world of DIY, this round brass tube is sure to impress.

9/16" Round Brass Tube Specifications

  • This round brass tube has a 9/16 outside diameter.
  • The wall  is 0.014 inches.
  • It is 12 inches in length.
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