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Baby Bird and Chick Carving

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Baby Bird and Chick Carving

by Rosalyn Daisey 

Baby Bird and Chick carving with Rosaly Daisey is an extraordinary book with so much information on baby birds that you will thoroughly enjoy this read . These are truly top quality hardbound volumes which provide excellent detail and information on patterns, anatomy, color detail, feather detail, tools, paints, how to use power tools with cutting stones and diamonds, and techniques for making feet and setting eyes.  This book great for both beginners and advanced carvers which contains clear organized text and photos. Rosalyn leads the carver through creating chicks of five  birds. Each step in the process is illustrated with a clear color photograph and a concise explanation about what the step involves and how to do it correctly. Also included are reference drawings, color palettes and photographs of study skins.You'll love this book packed with so much information for carving baby birds, you'll be amazed at what you can create with these stunning photographs you can use as study models.

These are the Baby Birds you can create:

  • Carolina Chickadee.
  • Eastern Bluebird.
  • Bobwhite Quail Chicks.
  • Killdeer Chicks.
  • Woodie Duckling.

Baby Bird and Chick Carving Book Specifications:

  • Hardcover.
  • 208 Pages.
  • Over 600 Photographs.
  • Author, Roslyn Daisey.
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