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Basswood Hen Egg

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0.15 LBS
  • A basswood hen size egg.
  • A wooden hen egg on its side.
  • A wood hen egg.
  • A turned basswood hen egg.


A basswood egg the size of a hen's egg is a great canvas for any type of art project.

You can use it to bring life and beauty to your woodworking or painting projects. With this project, you have access to all the basics: painting, woodburning, chip carving and carving. And the end result is truly stunning! The process itself is incredibly rewarding with each technique bringing in new levels of depth and creativity.

As you work on the detailed areas, you'll appreciate the flexibility that this small egg-shaped form allows for. This little gem can be worked into virtually any shape you need it to be in order to bring your vision to life. Let this tiny canvas take your creation from ordinary to extraordinary!

These eggs are eggsactly what you have been looking for to do eggcellent pieces.

Here a books to hep you carve these eggs.  Egghead & Other "Eggcellent" Things by Tom Wolfe, Carving Eggheads, Carving Egg Animals, and Carving Egg People ,all 3 by Mary Finn.

Basswood Hen Egg Specs:

  • About 2 1/16" in diameter at the largest point.
  • About 3 1/4" in length.
  • Made in the USA.
  • A solid basswood egg turning.

The smoothness of basswood makes it ideal for painting, due to its easy brush stroke. Its density allows it to be the perfect canvas for intricate designs achieved through woodburning or chip carving.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, then the basswood egg is ideal for creating unique sculptures and carvings.

Go ahead – take on the challenge! The only limit when working with this beautiful object is your creativity!


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