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5 Wooden Toy Wheels to Use on Your Toys

5 Wooden Toy Wheels to Use on Your Toys

Wooden toy wheels are a classic component of many beloved toys. They are also relatively easy to make at home if you have the time and the tools. A simpler way to build a toy is to buy ready-made wooden toy wheels and have them shipped to your mailing address.

Here are 5 different wood toy wheels that you can use on cars, trucks, trains, and even planes.

Slab Wheels

Slab wheels are a type of construction toy wheel that consists of a flat disc with a hole in the center. The disc is made from wood.

Wooden Slab Wheels

It is a simple wheel that has a classic look and stands the tradition of the time.

Slab wheels are typically used in conjunction with other construction toy parts, such as blocks, axle pegs, or dowel rods, to create three-dimensional structures.

There is no limit to the types of toys that can be built with slab wheels; some popular examples include cars, trains, airplanes, and buildings.

In short, slab wheels are versatile and fun wood wheels that can be used to build just about anything imaginable.

Faced Wood Toy Wheels

Faced Wood Wheels

Faced wood wheels are a little fancier than slab wheels. These wheels have more of a contoured shape on the outward face of the wooden wheels. The curve on the outside edge of the tire is rounded more like a bike tire.

The wood wheels have a hole in the center for axle pegs or a dowel rod axle.

This style of wooden wheels comes in various sizes from 1/2" in diameter to over 3". They are perfect for whimsical wooden train parts that will roll with ease.

These are sturdy and made of premium quality material. The combination of hardwood and contoured shape make these wood wheels perfect for almost every toy-making project.

Treaded Wooden Wheels

Treaded Wooden Wheel

These are the perfect addition to any toy building project. Give your toys that you make a level of authenticity like the real thing.

The treaded wood wheels have a slight curve on the face to make them look like a real tire.

Each wheel also includes a hole in the center for your axles or axle pegs.

Made of solid hardwood and turned for precision and quality, treaded wooden wheels add an extra level of realism to your child's toy.

Whether you or your child is building a toy car, truck, or train, treaded wooden wheels are the perfect way to add that extra touch of authenticity.

Treaded wooden wheels are also a great way to add an element of fun to your child's playtime.

When you finish them with vibrant colors, treaded wooden wheels are sure to capture your child's imagination.

Dual Treaded Wood Wheels

Dual Treaded Wood Wheels

If you're looking for a way to add some serious detail to your wooden toys and model cars, the dual treaded wood wheels are the perfect addition.

These tires are pretty cool. The detail makes them look like they are duallies without having to use separate tires. The outside tire has the contouring of a big truck tire with a recess in the center. The center has a hole for an axle and is ready to go to work on your trucks.

With precision-cut edges, perfect round wheels, and contoured detail on the face, these unfinished wood wheels provide great traction and will make your toys roll!

Plus, they're versatile enough for any other project too. So have fun crafting and let your imagination run wild!

Spoked Wooden Toy Wheels

Spoked Toy Wheels

Spoked toy wheels have the ultimate detail that we all look for to put into a model toy. These remind you of the old-style Model T cars.

Imagine putting them on an old Firetruck that you've spent hours making or an old-time tanker truck from a set of woodworking plans.

The spoked wheels feature an outside rim and a center hub with spokes going between the hub and the rim. The center hub also is home to a hole that is drilled and ready for your axle pegs.

No matter which ones you choose, your toy-making will be on the road to new heights. You can combine these with quite a few other  wood parts like headlights, tail lights, steering wheels, smokestacks other multi use pegs to create one of a kind items.

Every one comes unfinished and ready for you to paint.

Painting wooden toys is a great way to personalize and add interest to your child's playthings.

Wooden toys are made from a variety of wood parts, which offer many different surface textures and colors. By choosing paints specifically designed for wood, you can ensure that your child's toys stay looking vibrant and colorful over time.

Whether you choose bright hues or earthy tones, the act of painting wood toy parts is both fun and therapeutic. Furthermore, since wooden toys are built to withstand roughhousing and playtime, they will hold up against even the most vigorous use by your little ones.

So why not try painting your wooden toys yourself and see how much joy you'll bring to your entire family?

May 11, 2022 Cherry Tree Toys

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