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9 Cool Things You Can Make Out of Wood

9 Cool Things You Can Make Out of Wood

If you're like me, you're always looking for a neat woodworking project and a little something different to do with wood. Check out the cool things to make out of wood and get inspired to make new woodworking projects.

For some people, the only way to find a cool woodworking project is to search for it. There are tons of websites and YouTube channels that have tutorials on how to make all sorts of cool things out of wood. You can make furniture, toys, decorative pieces for your home, jewelry boxes or even a wooden headboard! It's really up to your imagination.

But if you're looking for a little inspiration, you've come to the right place. This blog post will list thirty-one of the coolest woodworking projects that you can make, ranging from simple to complex. These are just fun projects that you can make out of wood. Some ordinary and some extraordinary!

1. Cigar Store Indian

The 8' cigar store Indian woodworking project in its finished state.  Definitely a show stopper of woodworking projects.
A segmentation woodworking project. This cigar store Indian is easier than it looks. Build the large 8' tall Indian or settle for the 4' Cigar Store Indian. Use plywood as a backer and pine for the Indian. This is a full size woodworking plan. Simply trace the pieces on to your board, cut, sand or contour and assemble.

Did you know that the carved Indian statue found in front of many old time cigar stores has a symbolic meaning?

It began in England in the early 1600s, when ships from America brought back tobacco. At that time, the source of the tobacco supply was from Native Americans, so the carved Indian became a symbol of the cigar store.

Cherry Tree Toys made the wooden Cigar Store Indian design to commemorate the building that the company's main office resided in for almost 20 years in Belmont, Ohio. The building was a truly unique structure with three floors, an old chain elevator and wooden floors. Definitely a historic landmark that could tell many stories on its own.

2. Butterfly Tower

A Butterfly house that is one of the cool things to make at home with wood.
A Butterfly Tower that gives butterflies a home in your yard. Build this simple tower and watch your yard come to life with butterflies.

If you're looking for a fun and easy project that will also help attract pollinators to your garden, consider building a butterfly house!

Butterfly houses provide shelter for butterflies from bad weather and predators, as well as a place to feed. You can make your butterfly house look bright and attractive by painting it several colors that attract pollinators, like purple, red, yellow or pink. Look for flowers and other symbols around your garden that grab their attention and use those.

The narrow slits of the butterfly house mimic the splits in the bark of a tree, gving the butterflies comfort like it is a natural surrounding. You can plant natural plants around the house to help too. Things like milkweed, purple coneflowers and wild bergamot attract the butterflies. This is one of those fun projects to make out of wood that you can enjoy for years to come.

3. Glider Settee

A glider settee with two seats, drink holders and a table between the seats.
Rock to your hearts content with this glider settee. There is a place for your refreshments and it's super comfortable. Build it, sit back, relax and enjoy!

When you're standing there thinking,"What can I make out of wood?" Think about making woodworking projects that you can use around the house, on your porch or deck, in the garden or in the yard. It's like getting two things done at once. You can think of cool things to make at home with wood and enjoy them later. What's not to like about that?

Make one cool thing out of wood or make a whole ensemble for yourself or to sell. This glider settee is made from construction grade material available at your local home improvement center. The woodworking pattern gives you the curves full size and explains you to put this bad boy together.

4. Easy Pickings Whirligig

An easy pickings whirligig that is a fun project you can make out of wood.
Watch this whimsical whirligig come alive as you build it. As the wind spins, it moves the bird and creates the hatchet to chop away at the ladder (well, not all the way). Meanwhile that cat is getting close to the birds next. Build it with a DIY Whirligig kit, use a plan and your own material or pick up a parts kit for all those hard to find brass pieces.

Whirligigs are fun projects to make out of wood. They're a great way to use up scrap wood, and they're easy to make once you get the hang of it. You can make them in any shape or size you want, and they're a great addition to any garden or yard.

Most whirligigs are designed to be decorative, but some are also used for practical purposes, such as warning people of danger or indicating the direction of the wind. They can be placed in gardens, on lawns, or near doorways to add a touch of whimsy and fun. Whirligigs are kinetic sculptures that spin or rotate in the wind. The spinning and rotation will cause the ground to vibrate and keep critters away. If you're tired of those gophers in your lawn, make a whirligig today!

5. Take revenge on the squirrels with an Avian Revenge bird feeder.

This Avian styled bird feeder is one of the cool things you can make out of wood.
Help your feathered friends get revenge with this squirrel bird feeder that holds bird feed in his head and dispenses up to 12 cups of feed.

Bird feeding is a fun hobby that many people enjoy. Birds are a great way to create a sense of nature in an urban area and they’re also really cool to watch.

Bird feeders are a great way to provide a reliable source of food all year round. A bird feeder will keep birds well-fed and thriving. Did you know that over 53 million Americans feed birds as a hobby every year? That's a lot of cool woodworking projects that go to the birds!

Bird feeders can be tube-type feeders, suet feeders, window feeders, tray or platform feeders, little houses with feeders, or even nyjer feeders. We just love this bird feeder for its whimsical sense.

The Avian Revenge bird feeder is made from a woodworking plan that has full size instructions. The bird feeder has a finished dimension of 24 inches x 23 inches x 11 inches. You'll need some basic woodworking skills and a scroll saw or band saw to complete this project. If you wish to give the squirrel more depth like the photo, you'll need to get out the hand rasps or a Dremel to add some dimension.

6. Make a Cool Candy Machine out of Wood

A cool candy machine that you can make out of wood.
Have fun making this candy machine and enjoy using it too. This candy machine comes as a DIY kit or you can get just the woodworking plan to make your own.

Imagine being the most popular kid on the block! You will be if you make this cool candy machine that can dispense peanuts, M & M's and other small treats. You can get a full size plan and make this from scratch or choose a DIY kit that includes the lumber already cut and routed along with all the parts and assembly instructions to put it all together. Simply dry fit the pieces, finish sanding and put the finish of your dreams on this great woodworking project.

These candy machines also make great gifts. Whether you are young or old, candy is good!

7. Noah's Ark Toy Chest

What's cooler than a custom made toy chest?  This Noah's Ark toy chest will be the talk of anyone who sees it.
A simple toy chest with scroll sawn animals that are segmented with different pieces of wood. Intarsia meets toy chest.

Intarsia is a type of woodworking where you create pictures or designs with different types of wood.

It is a challenging art form, but the results can be stunning. If you're a woodworker who hasn't tried making an Intarsia project yet, here are five cool things you can make:

1. A picture frame

2. A jewelry box

3. A cutting board

4. A sign

5. A clock

Intarsia is a type of woodworking where many different pieces of wood are cut into intricate patterns and then assembled together to create beautiful pictures. It’s typically done with smaller, thinner pieces of wood, though not always.

Intarsia projects can be quite detailed work but the steps are quite straightforward: *Cut the pieces of wood to size and shape

*Sand the pieces until they are smooth

*Draw or trace the pattern onto the wood

*Cut out the pattern with a saw

*Assemble the pieces using a wood glue

*Finish with a sealant if desired

Intarsia is a great way to use up small pieces of wood and can be a really fun project for both beginners and experienced woodworkers. Add Intarsia to other projects like this toy chest to create a one of a kind project that will be cherished for years to come.

8. Cottage Clock

A cottage clock scroll saw clock made with red oak and walnut.
Combine a some woodworking skills and basic scroll saw skills to create this Cottage Clock.

Scroll sawing can make some pretty cool woodworking projects! You don't have to be perfect at scroll sawing or woodworking to make this Cottage clock. The Cottage Clock looks complicated but it's really not. Like with all scrolling projects, you just start with the base and work up.

Cut and pre-fit your wooden pieces before you scroll saw them out. This way you'll make sure you're not spending a lot of time on a piece that is not perfect. Then scroll it out.

Cut out the base, work on the body and add the roof. Now start adding the overlays and the fence. With a little bit of time you'll have a magnificent piece that you can call your own or give as a gift of a lifetime.

Scroll sawing consists of using a powered scroll saw or a hand fret saw. Drill a hole in the area you would like to cut out. Thread the blade through the hole and cut the area. And do it again and again. It may sound boring but its really fun and you can make quite a few great projects.

9. Test your Woodworking skills on a Black Hawk Helicopter

Be the coolest of the cool and check out this wooden Black Hawk Helicopter in all its detail and glory.
If you have the patience, this Black Hawk Helicopter has to be one of the cool things to make of wood!

Test your skills and patience with this woodworking project that you will make using small pieces of wood and a full size woodworking plan with instructions to guide you step by step through the process. This chopper will have you whirring in no time. Pay attention to the detail and have fun.

With so many types of wood and endless combinations, there are a lot of cool things you can make out of wood. We’ve put together a list below to show you what some people have made with their creativity, skills, and the right type of material. Whether you want something fun like an awesome new pet bed or something practical like kitchen cabinets, there is a project for you.

If you want to become a woodworker, there are plenty of resources available to help you get started. You can find online courses, videos, and tutorials that will teach you the basics of woodworking.

Many books on the subject can provide in-depth information about different techniques and methods. If you’re looking for hands-on training, there are many woodworking schools and workshops that offer classes in various aspects of the craft. With a bit of research and some practice, you can become a skilled woodworker and create beautiful pieces of furniture and other objects from wood.

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