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How to Teach Your Kids the Craft of Woodworking

How to Teach Your Kids the Craft of Woodworking

Woodworking for kids is not just a great way to teach your children woodworking skills, it also can help them learn math and science.

Woodworking with your child will not only make you closer as a family but also allow you to get creative wood crafts that are perfect for home decoration. With woodwork projects, there is no need to be limited by your imagination!

There are plenty of woodworking projects you can do with your kids. In this article, we will provide a few tips on how to get started woodworking with your children and what woodworking projects are appropriate for their skill levels.

Safety First: Before you start any woodworking project with your child, make sure to discuss basic safety precautions. Show them how to use woodworking tools safely and how to properly sharpen and store their tools.

Start Simple: If you are just starting out woodworking with your kids, it is best to start with simple projects that don’t require a lot of intricate woodworking skills.

A boy helping his father drill into a piece of wood.
Get started in woodworking by helping with a few projects.

One of the simplest woodworking projects for kids is to build a birdhouse. This project can be done with just a few hand tools and a small piece of wood.

For older children, you can try building a simple table or chair. These projects will help teach them how to measure and mark wood correctly, use a saw to cut wood, and how to use wood glue and clamps to assemble a project.

Think about having fun!

Be Creative: One of the best things about woodworking is that you can be as creative as you want. With woodworking, there are no limits to what you can create!

One fun project for kids is to make a toy box. This project can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. You can use a simple design with just a few pieces of wood, or you can create a more intricate toy box with detailed carvings.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to woodworking projects for kids! Just be creative and have fun with it.

Woodworking with Kids: Safety First

Teach your kids the basics and make it a lesson of a lifetime. Safe woodworking is all about not taking risks and following procedures.

Woodworking safety is essential.  These children are wearing their safety glasses and practicing safe woodworking.
These kids are wearing their safety glasses and practicing safe woodworking.

When woodworking with kids, it is important to ensure their safety. Here are some safety rules to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your child wears safety goggles and a dust mask when woodworking.
  • Teach your child to always use the correct tools for the job.
  • Ensure your child knows how to use a wood saw safely.
  • Make sure your child is aware of the dangers of woodworking, such as sharp blades and nails.
  • Keep your workshop clean and free of hazards.

Following these safety rules will help ensure a safe woodworking experience for your child.

Teach the Basics of Woodworking

A child being taught to read a ruler and mark wood while having a little fun with his Dad.
Reading a ruler and marking the wood can be fun with the right person.

Make sure your child knows how to read a tape measure and can measure basic pieces. Show them how to figure half the width of a board. Show them how to find the center of a board, dowel, or another object. Every small woodworking project starts with the basics of woodworking. Things like these can really help them in school and in life.

Pick Woodworking Projects for Kids

Woodworking is more fun when a kid likes the project he or she is working on.

The woodworking projects should go along with their skill and ability and your skill and ability. We all might want to build a starship, but can we?

Start with a few small projects and work your way up to a dream project that they would like to build. Talk through the tools it will take to build each project and how to use them.

Scroll sawing is a great way to get kids involved!

A scroll saw is a great piece of equipment to start your child on. They'll find the lines and be making puzzles in no time. Step up to other projects on the scroll saw that are quick and easy. Heck, you can even make a batch of rice crispie treats, clean the saw down and start cutting shapes and fun items. They can even munch on the scraps.

building birdhouses are great woodworking projects for kids.
Two kids working a on bird house woodworking project

Birdhouses are another great option. Start simple with some of the plain wooden boxes that you can build together and then go ahead and put them up to enjoy the birds in your area.

These are easy wood projects for kids. Let your child take the time to put a great finish on the woodworking project, fall in love with woodworking, and want to make the next project.

There are tons of small wood projects for kids. If you're a turner, start with some pens and spindles. If you're a carver, grab a glove and a knife and show your child how to make an animal out of soap (Hey, you can easily use a popsicle for a knife if you're worried they'll cut themselves.) There are endless lists of woodworking projects for kids from making toys for themselves to building their furniture.

Woodworking with Kids

Now that you know the basics of woodworking, it’s time to teach your kids how to do it. Woodworking is a great way for them to learn about physics, math, and engineering, while also honing their problem-solving skills. Plus, they’ll have a lot of fun in the process! Follow these simple tips to get started:

1. Start with simple projects.

2. Teach them the basics of woodworking safety.

3. Help them plan their project before starting to work.

4. Encourage them to be creative and have fun!

Have fun with these projects and other DIY wood projects for kids. If you're having fun with a kid, they're having fun. Get Your Project Started Today!

A child learning woodworking and playing with a woodworking project.
A little bit of woodworking extra credit. It's fun when you can build and toy and play with it too.

Parents, it's important to teach your kids woodworking. It will help them feel good about themselves and they will be able to make things for you. It's a great skill to have. You can start by teaching them the basics and then have them work on more complicated projects. Show them how to use the tools and let them be creative. They will love it!

Smaller children always want to help with a project. Start your kids with helper tasks young and they will thrive, heck you might even learn a little bit yourself along the way.

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