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Carving Realistic Faces with Power

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Carving Realistic Faces with Power

by Frank C. Russell

Carving Realistic Faces with Power has concise illustrated step-by-step instructions for carving features found on the human head.Disciplines and guidelines pertaining to facial layout and proportion, as well as close-up photographic sequences, are coupled with techniques for using power tools, carving machinery, accessories, and manual carving tools.Frank provides the reader with a full chapter on  which tools works best for each project. There is so much information packed into this book, with special attention to eyes nose mouth lips, and hair. Doesn't matter if your a beginner carver or more advanced, you'll learn the methods and techniques, as he guides you through these intricate carvings of the human face. Use the illustrations and knowledge of Frank C. Russell to create your very own carving of a realistic face. Start with a block of wood and progress to an amazing carving you can be proud of. Includes 10 projects and plans and 29 line drawings.

Carving Realistic Faces with Power Patterns: 

  • The Sage, man with bald head but long hair in back.
  • The Old Timer With long Mustache.
  • The Spinster, Woman with bun in her hair.
  • The Country Girl, with Long Flowing Hair.
  • The Baseball Player wearing a cap.
  • The Woodsman wearing Raccoon Hat.
  • The Civil War Soldier in uniform.
  • The Warrior, Indian with feather in hair.
  • The Plains Chief, Indian with full head dress.
  • The Viking wearing a helmet.

Carving Realistic Faces with Power Book Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • 64 Pages.
  • 134 Color Photos.
  • Author, Frank Russell.
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