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Carving the Green Wing Teal

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Carving The Green-Wing Teal: Quick Tips For Hen and Drake

by Jeffery Moore 

Carving the Green-Teal with Hen and Drake gives a comprehensive look at carving and painting techniques to create  an astonishing  representation of a decoy. It's one of the most colorful and easily distinguished, Green-Teal ducks. Jeffery Moore begins with a pre-shaped, duplicated bird which simplifies the rough carving process, then demonstrates the use of burning high speed texturing equipment to achieve realistic carvings. There are detailed instructions that show and explain each color photograph, with variations in carving.This book includes tips for carving heads, feathers , and primaries. There are power carving techniques starting from a roughout going to a lifelike carving. When your finished with your carving Jeff will guide you through step-by-step brush and airbrush painting techniques . These complete finishing steps that are  provided include, colors,  and painting tips . This is a great book if your looking to create your very own decoy, using the insightful instructions with Jeffery Moore.

Carving the Green-Wing Teal: Quick Tips For Hen and Drake Contains:

  • Tool selection.
  • Patterns of Drake and Hen from different views.
  • Color Chart.
  • Carving and Burning.
  • Airbrushing the Hen.
  • Airbrushing the Drake.
  • Vermiculation, Edging, and Details on the Drake.
  • Edging and Details on the Hen.
  • Primaries.
  • Beautiful Gallery of Photographs.

Carving The Green-Wing Teal; Quick Tips For Hen and Drake Book Specifications: 

  • Softcover.
  • 96 Pages.
  • Author, Jeffery Moore.
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