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Carving the Human Face

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Carving the Human Face

2nd Edition by Jeff Phares

Carving The Human Face captures character and expressions in wood. Jeff Phares will take you through carving these amazing wood faces from a soulful stare to proud gaze from a block of wood. The attention to details is extremely realistic you love the intense piercing eyes and fine lines in the faces. This book guides you through carving genuine , lifelike expressions in wood, including instruction for carving eyes, nose and mouth. Jeff shows you the techniques for creating realistic hair, skin, and muscle with options and tips for avoiding mistakes or fixing flaws. The expert information will get you started including sketching your design and how to select proper wood and tools.   There are step-by-step projects with more than 350 color photographs and 50 drawings which provide you useful references to sculpt the stunning features . When your finished carving your project Jeff will help you with choices of varnish , paints, and brushes. With these carvings, you  will have gained the knowledge of new methods and techniques so you will be able to create you very own masterpiece.

Carving the Human Face Patterns:

  • Native American Indian Warrior wearing a scarf , bolo, and wolf headdress.
  • Cowboy wearing cowboy hat, handkerchief and rope around his arm.
  • Mountain man with feather mask and bear claw necklace.
  • Native American Indian with antler headdress.

Carving the Human Face Book Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • 143 Pages. 
  • 350 Color Photographs.
  • 50 Line Drawings.
  • Author Jeff Phares.
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