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Colwood Small Rounded Heel Fixed Tip Wood Burning Pen

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To enhance details on your wood burning projects, Colwood has designed this small rounded tip fixed tip wood burning pen to look something like a knife tip. It allows you to burn fine, crisp, and precise lines with its small point tip. 

 You can use the fixed tip rounded heel in a few different ways. One method is to draw the tip back towards you using the fixed tip rounded heel. 

In addition, the pyrography tools tip can be used to create fine details by applying light pressure while gliding across the surface. You can also use the small point tip to create a pattern of random tight curls for a heavier tone.

Colwood Small Rounded Heal Fixed Tip Wood Burning Pen Specifications

  • Fixed Tip Wood Burning Pen.
  • Tip Style -Small Round Heel.
  • Made in the USA
  • Each pen is molded from a phenolic material resulting in superior insulating properties.
  • Fits any of the Colwood woodburning units.  It May fit other brand units with an adapter.

Fixed Tip Pen Features

Anyone looking for better heat control in their pyrography projects should consider the Fixed TipThis pen provides precision and stability for creating beautiful artwork by featuring a welded tip and rigid construction.

This fixed tip pen offers maximum durability and is perfect for artists or hobbyists who want a larger pen body. It is perfect for wood burners or those doing detailed work, as these pens have heavier connector posts and tips.

Woodburners, leather crafters, and other creative professionals can benefit from Colwood pyrography pens. There is no limit to what wood can be used with the fixed tip pen, ranging from hardwoods to softwoods, leather to basswood, and cottonwood.

How does it work?

The wood burning pen plugs into the cord on the control unit box. Simply plug it in and you are on your way to burning the texture of a basket or other marks that would require several parallel burn marks! 

 You will need a Colwood control unit to operate this fixed tip wood burning pen.

Enhance your woodburning skills with this versatile woodburning pen! Designed to work with the popular Colwood unit, this pen can be used on a variety of other  woodburning units with the help of a simple adapter.


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