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Dunkle Crooked Knife 3/4” Right

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  • This photo shows the depth of the right curve blade on the 3/4 inch  Dunkle Crooked Knife .
  • This image shows the width and depth of the 3/4 inch right curve on the Dunkle Crooked Knife .
  • Featuring five right curved Dunkle Crooked Knives with different  profiles of the same 3/4 inch blade.
  • This is a Dunkle Crooked Knife 3/4” Right curved knife with a plastic tube covering the blade to protect it.
  • Five 3/4 inch right curved Dunkle Crooked Knives showing the same knife at different angles.
  • Showing the inside cutting edge on the 3/4 inch right curveDunkle Crooked Knife .
  • A view of the Dunkle Crooked Knife in five different positions to show different angles of the blade.
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John Dunkle, a master knife maker, makes each handle and knife by hand, one at a time.  Due to the ever-increasing curvature of the blades, almost any radius can be carved.

Our crooked knives have a fully-honed razor edge which can be used for several hours of carving before needing maintenance.

With this crooked carving knife you can cut both soft and hard woods with enhanced control for several hours of carving before maintenance is needed thanks to the fully -honed razor s edge.

The Right Crooked or Spoon knife is curved to the right and the blades edge is on the inside of the curve used by a Left Handed Carver if your pulling the tool towards you.

Dunkle Crooked Knife 3/4” Right Specifications:

  • Left Handed carvers use it to pull wood towards you.
  • 1" long carving blade.
  • Overall knife length is about 6 1/2".
  • Made in the USA.
  • Nice Flexible blade for extreme carving details.

Maintain your Dunkle knives with a Dunkle Sharpening Strop and Dunkle Dust compound.  Most knives you can get several hours of carving out of before you even think of stropping.  


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