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Dunkle Knives

Dunkle Knives

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  • This photo shows the depth of the right curve blade on the 3/4 inch  Dunkle Crooked Knife . This image shows the width and depth of the 3/4 inch right curve on the Dunkle Crooked Knife .

    Dunkle Crooked Knife 3/4” Right

    Dunkle Knives

    John Dunkle, a master knife maker, makes each handle and knife by hand, one at a time.  Due to the ever-increasing curvature of the blades, almost any radius can be carved. Our crooked knives...
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Dunkle knives set themselves apart with the comfort designed handles that are custom made one by one.  John Dunkle, a master knife maker, has put his heart and soul in this custom line of wood carving tools.

 Each tool is hand made from the forging to the milling profiles, the sharpening of the tool. the one of a kind handles and the heavy duty leather blade protectors.  

While the handles vary in color, each carving handle is made to fit perfectly in your hand.

With the perfect fitting carving knife comes a super sharp, polished blade that is ready to carve.  Imagine only stropping every 2-5 hours on his regular tools.  

If you are fortunate enough to own a Dunkle Super Steel, you can carve for 15-20 hours before you need to strop.  THAT is INCREDIBLE!

Match the Dunkle Knives up with Dunkle's Blue Velvet Stropping Compound and a Dunkle Strop to carve and have fun doing it.

Dunkle Knives are an investment in carving tools that you should not be without.  John makes some of the best carving knives in the business.  Try one today and you won't put it down!