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Fixit Sculpt

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FIXIT Sculpt

Fixit Sculpt is simply a dream come true for making feet, antlers and other accessories for your carving project.

 Fixit Sculpt has the features and benefits of modeling clay and the power of epoxy!  This allows for superior adhesion and strength.  Fixit Sculpt has a fiber technology and firm, fine grain texture that is perfect for those intricate details and repairs.  

Benefits of Fixit Sculpt:

  • Great for modeling and tooling.
  • Sagging and drooping is minimal.
  • Accepts paints and stains.
  • Adheres to almost any surface including wood, metal, stone, plastic, glass, foam, fiberglass, ceramic, bone, ivory, antler & more.
  • Work it before set-up, or after it is cured.  
  • Drill it, Sand it, Grind it, Paint It!
  • Cures hard overnight, allow 24 hours for a full cure.
  • 4 hour working time.
  • 0% Shrinkage.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy clean-up with soap & water or Aves Safety Solvent.
  • Non-hazardous with no fumers or solvents.
  • Blend it and smooth the Fixit Sculpt with water.
  • A two part epoxy that is self hardening.

Using Fixit Sculpt

     Fixit Sculpt is easy to use!  

  1. Simply mix equal parts of the Fixit Sculpt.  Mix about 2 minutes kneading it together.  You want to make sure it is combined well and a uniform color.  If you don't get it mixed well, your results will suffer.  
  2. Once your Fixit Sculpt is mixed.  Your ready to start working on your project.  Fixit Sculpt will have a working time of 3-4 hours.  In that time, you can smooth or texture it with a tool or your fingers.  Add a little water to our fingers to make things slide better.
  3. Paint it wet or day.
  4. Clean up of the Fixit Sculpt is simple with soap and water or the Aves Afety Solvent.  
  5. Let it cure!  Fixit Sculpt needs to cure a full 24 hours for it to be waterprrof and before you can sand it, do any grinding, drilling, carving or other work on it.

Tips for Fixit Sculpt

  • Keep the contianers sealed when not using it.
  • Extend the shelf life by refrigerating or freezing the Fixit Sculpt.  It is freeze-thaw stable.
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Wear eye protection and a dust mask when sanding or grinding cured Fixit Scultp.
  • When you're mixing Fixit Sculpt, wear disposable gloves (Its just easier cleanup).

Fixit Sculpt is a fabulous product that will help you fix repairs and design the perfect details into your project.

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