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KCT #7 Deep Bend Left Sidewinder

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A KCT #7 Deep Bend Left Sidewinder is a must-have for any home carver. You can efficiently whittle spoons, carve bowls and even make kuskas with it. The KCT #7 Deep Bend Left Sidewinder will revolutionize the way you work with wood! Its deep bend design gives you excellent control over where and how much material is removed during your carving project. In addition, the sharp scooping action of the #7 sweep allows you to carve out those hard-to-reach details quickly and with extraordinary precision.

So go forth and explore new possibilities in spoon carving, bowl carving and kuska making! Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, this tool is sure to become one of your most treasured tools ever!

Specifications for the KCT #7 Sidewinder:

  • Forged with a #7 sweep gouge size.
  • A deep curving bend with the cutting edge on the left side.
  • The tool is encased in a solid oak 4 1/2" handle.
  • The Rockwell hardness is 59-61.
  • This tool is made from O1 tool steel.
  • Very durable and holds a sharp edge like crazy.
  • Hand crafted.
  • Made in the heartland of America.

 KCT, Kryshak Carving Tools are the former OCC Tools.  OCC was purchased by Kryshak Carving Tools in November of 2022.  Learn more about Kryshak carving tools.


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