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Kevlar Glove

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0.19 LBS
  • An individual glove showing the dots and kevlar.
  • 2 of the kevlar gloves together.
  • Hand measurements for the kevlar glove.
$7.35 - $7.95


Woodcarving Kevlar Glove 

If you are searching for a pair of gloves that will provide extra grip and protection on your wood-crafting projects, then the Kevlar Glove for woodcarving is perfect for you.

Our gloves are made from the same material that bulletproof vests are made of and will protect your hands and fingers throughout your entire woodcarving process.  Kevlar knit is made 5 times stronger than the resistance of leather, with spots of PVC plastic on both sides for better grip.

The Kevlar glove used for woodcarving is usually worn on the hand that's holding the wood and is hand-to-hand reversible, meaning it can be worn and used on either the right or left hand. Kevlar gloves are seven times more slash-resistant than cotton gloves and will keep you protected; however, you won't be shielded from heavy slashing or stab cuts.  

Woodcarving Kevlar Glove Specifications:

  • 7 Gauge 100% Dupont Kevlar.
  • Used on Right or Left Hand.
  • Black PVC dots on both sides.
  • Good Dexterity.
  • ANSI Cut A3 
  • Available in 5 Sizes:
    • Extra Small.
    • Small.
    • Medium.
    • Large.
    • Extra Large. 

The above photo represents hand measurements for you to decide which size will fit you best.

Size:         A:         B:        C:

XS-Small   8.0"     3.875"   N/A

Small        9.438"  4.064"  N/A

Medium     9.50"    4.375"  N/A

Large         9.75"   4.375"   N/A

X-Large     10.75"  4.375"   N/A

Not only are these Kevlar Gloves perfect for woodcarving because there’s a lower chance someone will get hurt if their hand slips off during use, but they can also protect you in many other ways as well.

What Can I Use Kevlar Gloves For?

These gloves are not meant for catching fish, but they can protect your fingers from being cut by knives! If you're already having a hard time cutting the fish due to its slippery scales, then this product will be great. 

Kevlar Gloves aren't just for fish though - there are other uses too!

For instance, if someone were to hold a big glass jar with one hand while trying to open it with another, their hands would probably slip off and shatter the glass on the ground. Now, imagine them holding the jar with these Kevlar knit gloves on; that might save some broken glassware.

These kinds of Kevlar knit gloves are perfect for any household that deals with hazardous materials or have pets because there's less chance of injury from accidents. These gloves are great for men, women, and children of all ages. In fact, they're perfect for anyone who dabbles in arts and crafts because there's less chance of injury from a knife slip during woodcarving.

Kevlar Gloves can also be used by firefighters because of their anti-fire capabilities. The Kevlar knit material is resistant to fire - so if a firefighter needs to hold onto something hot or touch a burning surface without getting hurt, these gloves would be sufficient.

In conclusion, Kevlar knit gloves help reduce the risk of hand injuries from work, woodcarving, household chores, sun/heat exposure, and even from working out at the gym! 

So what are you waiting for? 

Get your own pair of Woodcarving Kevlar Gloves today.


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