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Quick & Easy Whittling for Kids

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Woodcarving can be a rewarding and fulfilling pastime for both children and adults alike. For kids, the opportunity to craft something with their own hands can be especially exciting. That's where Quick & Easy Carving for Kids comes in, offering a fun and approachable guide to the craft of whittling wood.

With Frank Egholm as their expert guide, kids will learn simple techniques and tackle 18 step-by-step projects. From creating miniature animals to carving useful objects like a spoon or a pencil holder, there's something for every young woodcarver to explore in this small-format book.

By the end of just one sitting, kids will be amazed at the beautiful creations they can bring to life, igniting a passion for the craft that will last a lifetime.

Wood carving is a fun and rewarding hobby that doesn't require much to get started. With just a few basic tools, like some twigs and branches, and some creativity, you and your kids can create some amazing wood carvings.

However, before jumping straight into carving, it's important to take safety precautions and familiarize yourself with the materials and tools. Quick & Easy Carving for Kids is the perfect guide to get started.

It features helpful opening sections on safety, materials, tools, and carving techniques, along with a collection of fun and functional beginner wood carving projects and full-size patterns.

From a mushroom and a ship to a whistle, ring toss game, kitchen utensils, and more, this approachable guide will help both kids and adults develop their skills and share their favorite hobby with the next generation.

Plus, it's easy to pack and bring with you for your next outdoor adventure.

Quick & Easy Whittling for Kids Specifications

  • It is a Softcover book.
  • This book has 88 pages.
  • The Authors are Frank and Lillian Egholm.
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