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Scout Beginner Carving Knife

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  • The Scout Beginner Carving Knife by Kryshak Carving Tools formerly OCC.
  • an upright look at the Scout Beginner Carving Knife by Kryshak Carving tools.
  • Holding the Scout Beginner Carving Knife.
  • A closeup of the blade on the Scout Beginner Carving Knife
  • A view of the the front side of a Scout Beginner Carving Knife.


The OCC Scout Beginner Carving Knife is the perfect tool for those new to the art of carving. Its sharp, straight blade allows for precise cuts while its comfortable handle provides a secure grip.

The knife's versatility makes it suitable for various carving techniques. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, the OCC Scout Beginner Carving Knife will be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

So pick up this top-quality knife and start creating your next masterpiece.

OCC Scout Beginner Carving Knife Features:

  • This knife features a 4 1/2" red oak handle.
  • Made from 01 tool steel.
  • This knife comes super sharp and polished to carve.
  • The blade length is 1 1/4".
  • Made in the USA.
  • A Rockwell hardness of RC-59.

The Beginner Carving Knife You Need

When it comes to carving, having a sharp and sturdy knife is crucial for achieving precise and clean cuts. The OCC Scout knife, with its high-quality steel blade, offers just that.

Its compact size also allows for easy maneuvering and control, making it a valuable addition to any carver's arsenal. Not to mention, the versatility of the Scout knife allows it to tackle a variety of carving tasks, from sculpting wood to whittling pumpkins.

So whether you're an experienced carver or just starting out, the OCC Scout knife is definitely worth considering for your collection.

Please note:  All OCC wood carving knives, wood carving tools, spoon gouges and other tools are now made in Beloit, WI.  OCC Tools was sold to Kryshak Carving Tools in October of 2022.  New tools come with the new KCT logo.

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