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Razertip Pyrography Round Skew Pen

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  • The Extra Small woodburning tip is showing the laser-welded tip with front ventilation ports, and a corrugated front body pen.
  • This medium-small round skew shows the mid-body ventilation slots with an advanced black polymer contruction.
  • The Medium wood burning pen tip shows the laser-welded tip, and the rear ventilation slots
  • This large round skew pen has a laser-welded tip, tapered rear pen body,and additional ventilation slots
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Razertip Round Skew Pyrography Pen is one of the most popular tips from Razertip for general detail work. Fire up that woodburner and start burning feathers and hair on raised surfaces.

The heavy-duty woodburning pen is the ideal tool for detailed applications where a fine tip is not necessary. Its round skew-shaped tip has a unique, tapered point that produces a thin, delicate line for adding fine details and realistic textures

Razertip sharpens the tips making them razor-sharp, then polishes them so they glide through your wood burning projects. These pyrography tools are the toughest hot wire tips on the market and are capable of burning up to 120 lines per inch straight out of the package. To clean simply use a brass brush.

Razertip Round Skew Pyrography Tip Choices:

  • Extra Small 1/6" wide.
  • Small.
  • Medium.
  • Large.

Fixed Tip Wood Burning Pen Features

The Razertip Fixed Tip Wood Burning Pen is perfect for anyone who wants better heat control over their pyrography projects. With its laser-welded tip and rigid construction, this pen gives you the precision and stability you need to create beautiful pieces of art.

The Heavy Duty Round Pyrography Pen is perfect for the artist or hobbyist who wants a larger pen body that is built for maximum durability. These pens have heavier connector posts and tips, making them the perfect choice for those who do a lot of wood burning or detailed work.

It also has many features such as front, mid-body, and rear ventilated ports, comfy foam grips, and advanced polymer construction. Razertip pyrography pen is ideal for woodburning, leathercrafting, and a variety of other creative pursuits. The Razertip can be used with all types of wood, including both hard and softwoods, as well as leather, basswood, and cottonwood.

You will need a Razertip Woodburner to use these fixed tip pens

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