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Stickmaking- A Complete Course

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Stickmaking- A Complete Course 

by Andrew Jones & Clive George

    This book is a complete introduction to stickmaking. It explains how to make a variety of traditional walking sticks, market sticks, and crooks. Andrew Jones and Clive George include detailed  comprehensive guide which covers  tools, moulds, formers, jigs, and materials. Complete project book for making walking sticks with detailed instructions on how to select suitable timbers along with alternative materials such as rams horn, antler, buffalo and cow horns. Covers sourcing and seasoning wood and what characteristics to look for, making thumbsticks, shaping and shanking handles, one-and two- piece wooden sticks, cardigan sticks. Included are tips-n-tricks  on straightening sticks, fitting the handle, and fixing a ferrule. There are instructions and finishing methods with a wide range of coloring,staining, fuming, and scorching. This book is for the beginner and advanced. Use the illustrations and knowledge of Andrew Jones & Clive George to create your very own walking sticks that stand out and are a little different than normal. 

These are just a few projects you can create from this book:

  • Dogs-Head Market Stick.
  • Pheasent-Head Stick.
  • Round Handled Stick.
  • One-Piece Market stick.
  • Leaping Trout.
  • Rams Horn Crook.
  • Cow Horn Handle.
  • Barley Twist Novelty.
  • One-Piece Cardigan Stick.
  • Cross-Head Stick in Antler.

Stickmaking-A Complete Course Book Specifications: 

  • Softcover.
  • 176 Pages.
  • Authors, Andrew Jones and Clive George.
  • Publisher, Fox Chapel.
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