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Two Cherries

Two Cherries Bronze Mallet

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3.00 LBS


Two Cherries Bronze Carving Mallet 

A first class bronze mallet with a keepsake storage pouch.  The Two Cherries bronze mallet is perfectly balanced for all your mallet and chisel needs.  Smaller in size to easily handle but delivers a steady blow. Two Cherries Mallet has a bronze head with a beech wood handle,and comes in a velour carrying bag. Mallets are classic elements for a carvers tool collection. This cylinder shape mallet will not slip as it strikes on one spot due to it's round shape. A round head offers easier control for propelling edge tools through wood using either direct or oblique blows. This mallet is sometimes called a dummy mallet, or bronze mallet. The mass is concentrated in the compact head and delivers a blow with no rebound. The Two Cherries bronze mallet has a good heft and doesn't require  a crushing blow, therefore there is less likelihood for wrist , forearm, and elbow fatigue.   You can limit your motion to a simple wrist pivot . Simply grip it with the thumb positioned on the back of the head for better control.

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