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White Rouge Compound 16oz

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1.00 LBS


White rouge is an extra-fine compound that's perfect for buffing out steel, stainless steel, iron, and chrome. It's also the perfect compound for buffing wood carving knives and wood gouges. White rouge cuts the edges perfectly for ultra sharpness while buffing out any marks from grinding. When you use white rouge, you'll get the perfect edge every time. White rouge is the perfect compound for anyone who wants the perfect edge on their knives or woodworking tools. Try it today and see the difference!

White Rouge Compound Features:

  • 1 lb. Bar Size.
  • Great for buffing out Steel.
  • Use for an ultra sharp finish.


You cannot use just any white compound on our floppy wheels. If you do not use this specially-formulated compound you will not get the results you should. Do not accept any imitators, buy the original right here!

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