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Whittling Country Folk

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Whittling Country Folk

by Mike Shipley

Mike Shipley introduces you to a clan from the Ozark Mountains Missouri. Whittling Country Folk will bring laughter and enjoyment. Mike introduces you from tools, sharpening , wood selection, transferring patterns, to safety.  One step-by-step project for carving, painting and staining a hillbilly caricature named Delmer. Photographs, patterns and painting guide for 11 other projects including a dog and an outhouse. Use the illustrations and knowledge from Mike Shipley to create your very own country folk, that is a little different than normal. Start with basswood and progress to the magic of Country Folk Clan.This is a fantastic book if you looking to carve these funny Ozark characters.

Patterns this book includes:

  • Frank holding Rifle.
  • Beau the Hound Dog.
  • Skinny Lenny with Hands in pockets.
  • Willie with Silly Hat.
  • Ezra Holing on to his Bib Overalls.
  • Bobby Ray with a cap.
  • Grouchy Arlo.
  • Benny with a Moonshine Jug.
  • Granny in her Apron.
  • Goofy Odie.
  • Old Wooden Outhouse.

Whittling Country Folk Book Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • 80 Pages.
  • Author, Mike Shipley.
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