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Wood Axle Peg 1 5/8"

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  • A pile of the 1 5/8” multi-use pegs showing the pegs as you might see them in a package quantity.
  • A group of axle pegs waiting to be used.
  • A 1 5/8” long multi use peg on its side showing a side profile view of the entire peg including the tenon and head of the axle peg.
  • Wood multi-use peg standing on end showing the tenon and head from a side view.
  • An axle peg in wood showing a side  profile view of the entire peg.
  • Looking down slightly upon a 1 5/8” multi-use peg showing the top of the peg with the slightly rounded edges on top and the rest of the entire peg.


Making toys out of wood parts can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when you incorporate 1 5/8" wood axle pegs into your designs.

These small but sturdy pieces are ideal for connecting toy car axles to wheels, allowing for smooth, easy movement and ensuring that your creations withstand even the toughest playtime conditions.

Whether you're working with natural wood or prefabricated wooden toy kits, 1 5/8" wood axle pegs provide a simple but reliable solution.

So if you're looking to take your crafting skills to the next level, why not give these versatile little pegs a try? They're sure to bring a smile to both you and the kids!

Wood Axle Peg 1 5/8" Specifications:

  • The total length of the peg is 1 5/8".
  • The diameter of the tenon is 1/4".
  • The length of the tenon is 1 1/4".
  • The diameter of the top cap is 1/2".
  • These toy making pegs fit a 1/4" hole.
  • They come in a Package of 20 axle pegs.

Toy pegs can be used in many different ways to make toys. For example, these 1 5/8" pegs can be used as the main body or basic building block for a variety of different types of toys.

These versatile pegs can be joined together using a simple interlocking system to create everything from cars and planes to railroads and construction sets.

In addition, these pegs can also be used as part of attachments for other types of toys, such as wheels or carriages.

Altogether, toy pegs are a versatile wood part that can be used to create a wide range of personalized toys that both kids and adults will enjoy playing with!


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