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6" Whirligig Brass Drive Shaft

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0.04 LBS
  • A bent brass whirligig drive shaft wire.
  • A whirligig drive shaft with a threaded end and bent end.
  • An up close view of the bent end of a brass whirligig drive shaft wire.
  • A 6" long brass whirligig drive shaft.


Animating your whirligig projects is simple and easy witha 6" Whirligig Brass Drive Shaft!

This sturdy brass drive shaft is ideal for creating magical spinning artwork. From simple to very complex whirligigs, the drive shaft makes it possible to bring moving artwork ideas to life.

Let your imagination wander, and use this whirligig drive shaft to take your creative projects to the next level! Unleash the power of motion with this helpful whirligig part, so you can create beautiful works of art that move with the wind.

6" Whirligig Brass Drive Shaft Specs:

  • Made of solid brass.
  • A total of 6" long.
  • There is one inch of threads on one end that accepts a 10-32 nut (not included).
  • The shaft diameter of .167".
  • The drive shaft has a dogleg type bend in the end opposite to the threaded end. 
  • The bent end of the shaft features a recessed dado in the shaft to hook whirligig wires to.
  • Custom made in the USA.

Whirligigs are an astonishing example of human ingenuity. Inspired by the motions of nature, these spinning creations can be placed in outdoor spaces and bring joy to observers young and old alike.

Different designs use a variety of materials such as plywood, fabric, plastic discs and aluminum cans to capture the breeze and generate movement. As the wind turns a vaned propeller at the top, it causes gears at the base to spin blades which push against the air, creating a mesmerizing display.

Imagine bright and colorful whirligigs twirling around in your backyard - what an amazing way to cultivate imagination and appreciation for both nature and engineering!



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3 Reviews

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    brass drive shaft

    Posted by Susan Pahs on Mar 19, 2021


  • 5
    6" Brass Drive Shaft Wire

    Posted by Mike Simpson on May 13, 2019

    Depending on the length of drive shaft needed, this item will save you tremendous grief! A must purchased item for 3 dimensional whirligigs. Their also priced at a fair price.

  • 5
    Brass drive shaft wire

    Posted by Nancy on Apr 26, 2018

    Good quality parts.

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