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Whirligig Brass Drive Shaft 8 3/16"

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0.08 LBS
  • An 8 3/16" long Whirligig drive shaft.
  • A brass whirligig shaft showing the threaded end closest.
  • A whirligig drive shaft with the bent end.
  • A brass whirligig shaft.


If you’re dreaming of creating the most authentic, animated whirligigs around, a brass drive shaft wire that is 8 3/16" long can help make your vision come alive.

Not only does this durable material guarantee long-lasting movement, it is also rust-proof, making sure that you don’t have to worry about replacements any time soon.

With the help of this brass drive shaft wire, your whirligig will be the most impressive and entertaining feature in your outdoor landscape!

8 3/16" Whirligig Brass Drive Shaft Specs:

  • Made of solid brass.
  • A total of 8 3/16" long.
  • There is one inch of threads on one end that accepts a 10-32 nut (not included).
  • The shaft diameter of .167".
  • The drive shaft has a dogleg type bend in the end opposite to the threaded end. 
  • The bent end of the shaft features a recessed dado in the shaft to hook whirligig wires to.
  • Custom made in the USA.

Whirligigs are fun, delightful works of art that you can use to invigorate your outdoor decor. They create a gentle balancing motion with their distinctive, curving blades and have been used for centuries to express joy or festivals.

Adding a whirligig to your lawn or garden gives the space whimsical charm that can't be found anywhere else! The simple mechanics involved in getting these showpieces to spin is what truly makes them magical.

After setting up the whirligig onto its stand, all that's needed is the wind to do its work! You'll be amazed at how much joy this backyard decoration can bring; it's sure to bring smiles both on your face and those of your guests!

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