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Whirligig Parts

Whirligig Parts

Whirligigs are a fun toy for everyone, and Cherry Tree Toys stocks all the whirligig parts you need to keep your whirligigs running strong. These beautiful and historic toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, with all sorts of designs and whirligig parts attached. Whirligigs get their name from the fact that they spin in circles, like a whirling windmill or pinwheel. You can purchase whirligigs in antique shops, online, or build one yourself with your own whirligig parts!

Whirligigs have been sources of entertainment for centuries. They come in many forms; some you hang on your front door, while others are made to be installed outside. Whirligigs and whirligig parts are mostly wooden, but can also be made from recycled materials. The endless entertainment provided by whirligigs brings joy to many people. Keep the fun going with our selection of whirligig parts, which are essential to have on hand, in case your whirligig breaks. 

Whirligigs are a toy that seemingly popped into existence without explanation. The oldest known whirligigs were originally used as weathervanes by the American Indians. The whirligig design was passed down through generations and has now become an enjoyable pastime for present-day enthusiasts. When it comes to DIY whirligigs, you’re only limited by your imagination and what materials you have available. 

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