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Foredom Neoprene Sheath

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The 36-1/4″ long, neoprene material outer sheath fits ALL motors, EXCEPT for discontinued models

 Neoprene sheathing is more flexible than our standard sheathing material.

First, make sure your power tool is unplugged. To remove the handpiece, grip it firmly and pull it off the shaft. To reattach the handpiece, hold the black-colored metal outer sheath with the tip facing upward.

Replacing The Neoprene Sheath 

Turn on the motor so it's running at about half speed, then allow it to slow down. While the inner key tip is still rotating, grip the handpiece and push it onto the sheath tip in one firm motion until it snaps into place.

This procedure will align the key tip into the keyway slot. To verify that it's properly aligned, insert and tighten an accessory into the collet or chuck. Turn on the control to low speed and observe that the accessory rotates smoothly.

With the handpiece removed, place the entire unit on a flat surface with the shaft and sheath extended straight as shown below. Loosen the set screw on the motor connector. Adjust the exposed tip (handpiece end) of the flexible shaft so that it extends 3/4′′ (19mm) beyond the sheath.

This is done by moving the sheath in or out of the motor connector (motor end). When correctly positioned, tighten the set screw securely. Assemble the handpiece to the flexible shaft. To shorten the length of the exposed tip of the flexible shaft, unscrew and remove the chuck barrel from the handpiece.

Using a small flat-blade screwdriver, loosen set screw “B” in rocker arm “A” until the rocker arm can be moved freely on the splined arbor. Insert the desired amount of exposed flexible shaft into center of the rocker arm and retighten set screw “B”. Screw chuck barrel back onto handpiece until snug

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