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Foredom Oiler in Hypodermic Dispenser

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0.05 LBS


The Foredom Lubricating Oiler is a must-have for anyone using Foredom motors and quick-change handpieces. The high-grade machine oil is perfect for lubricating older Foredom motor models and keeping quick-change handpieces running smoothly.

The dispenser offers easy, precise application with its 1" long needle and rubber stopper cap. And at 0.25 ounces, it's the perfect size for keeping on hand for regular maintenance. Produced in the USA, this Foredom lubricating oil ensures optimal performance for all your Foredom needs.

Foredom motor and handpiece oil in hypodermic dispenser has 0.25 fluid ounces or 7.7ml of oil.

Foredom motors are among the most reliable tools for intricate jewelry making and other delicate carving detailed work. Foredom motors should never be lubricated, but certain older models such as Series CC, DD and MM sleeve-bearing motors, Series EE, GG, and MMG motors and Series R and RB motors require regular lubrication.

Foredom Oiler in Hypodermic Dispenser is suitable for these Foredom motor models. As for the handpieces, lubrication is also required from time to time.

Duplex spring handpieces (H.8D, H.10D, H.15D, H.18D, H.20D, H.52D, H.55D and H.56D ) mandate lubrication at the duplex spring component while the others including H.10 Quick Change handpiece ,H15 Hammer handpiece ,H55A & H56A Angle handpieces will require periodic lubrication to ensure a smooth running tool system over time.

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