Wood Carving Gloves & Guards

Safety First!  Get your wood carving gloves, thumb guards, finger guards and more to protect yourself.  We carry a full line of gloves and even some wood carving gloves for kids.  

  • Two Cherries Kevlar Glove

    Kevlar Glove

    Kevlar Glove  Our Kevlar Glove will protect your hands and fingers. These gloves are made from the same material that bullet proof vests are made of.  Kevlar knit is made 5 times stronger than the resistance of leather with with...

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  • Deluxe Thumb Guard

    Deluxe Thumb Guard

    Deluxe Thumb Guard The Deluxe Thumb Guard is a leather guard with an elastic band to hold the guard in place. The thumb guard protects your thumbs when your knife slips at the end of a cut.  The safest way to protect your hands is by wearing a...

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  • Big Red Cut-Resistant Carving Glove

    Big Red Cut-Resistant Carving Glove

    Big Red Cut-Resistant Carving Glove The Big Red Cut-Resistant Carving Glove can be worn on either the right or left hand. You'll only need one carving glove because it's only used on the hand that holds the piece of wood. If you hold the wood in...

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  • Steelcore Glove

    Steelcore Glove

    Steelcore Glove The Steelcore Cut Resistant Gloves are a premium glove. These gloves have stainless steel wire in the middle of each fiber, so the glove is actually woven with stainless steel thread. Steelcore Gloves are a cut resistant...

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